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Mother’s Quick Reaction Saves Her Baby Son from the Venomous Predator – My Heart Almost Stopped Watching This

A mother pulled off an epic save with her quick reactions – saving her baby from being bitten by a giant centipede. The one-year-old boy was playing with his toy cat on the living room floor when the venomous creature crawled over, on Wednesday afternoon (November 25).

CCTV footage shows how the 1ft long arthropod had the infant in its sights as it darted over and prepared to plunge its pincers into its flesh. Bites can be particularly dangerous to young children – as venom can speed up a victim’s heart rate and cause breathing difficulties.

However, the mother – who was playing on her phone – noticed the danger and leapt across the tiles to scoop up the lad, named Nong. The grandmother then rushed over and trapped the poisonous centipede under a cup before taking it outside.

Nong’s father, Santi, said the baby boy was unhurt after the brush with nature.

He said: ”Mothers are heroes. They can sense when danger is near and save their children. That centipede was the largest we’ve ever seen in the house. It could have really hurt my son.”

The creature was around 30cm long. Most centipedes are venomous and can inflict painful bites when they injecting venom through their forcipules. Bites from a giant centipede can cause swelling and severe pain for up to five days.

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