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Several residents of Baker City in Oregon witnessed an incredible accident this morning when a young couple fell from the sky while having sex in a hot air balloon, landing naked in trees in front of the city hall during rush hour.

29-year old Brian Murray and his girlfriend, 26-year old Sarah O’Connell own and operate a recreational ballooning business, but this morning’s flight was obviously planned for their own recreation.

The young couple took off around 8:00 this morning and had been flying for about twenty minutes when they both tipped over the side of the balloon’s basket and fell 2,500 below.

Luckily, they landed in trees and bushes in front of the Baker City City Hall and are both seriously injured but alive.

Dr. Francis Davis who treated them at the Baker City Baptist Hospital says it’s a miracle that the lovers are both still alive.

“They fell naked from 2,500 feet! They got away with dozen broken bones each, a fractured penis, and a severe concussion… that’s really lucky under those circumstances.”

Dr. Davis joked that considering the couple’s injuries, he would prescribe them a “less adventurous sexual life”.

“His penis and hands are fractured, while she broke her hands, thigh bones, and jaw. Even in a bed on the ground, I can’t imagine them going crazy for a little while”.

The couple’s air balloon continued its flight after the accident and crashed in power lines a few hours later near the city of Halfway, 36 miles from Baker City.

A police investigation has been opened on the incident and Mr. Murray and Ms. O’Connell could eventually face charges of public nudity and even criminal negligence.

They have both been found guilty of misdemeanor public nudity seven times in the past after similar sexual escapades in their balloon.

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