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Attention Women: The 12 Things You Need to Stop Doing ASAP!

Every woman tries her best to look good and stylish, to be fashionable and of course to prolong her youthful look. They would do whatever they can, try every new trick they hear and simply make an effort to always look better. However, in all of their experiments, they sometimes tend to go a bit too far and do more harm to their looks than good. Trying as much as they do, they often make mistakes and end up regretting it after a while.

Below you’ll find 12 of the most common mistakes women make in an effort to look more stylish, younger and more attractive, for themselves and for the opposite sex, of course:

Sunscreen goes everywhere
When applying sunscreen one should know that it wasn’t just designed for the face, it should be applied on the body as well. Keep this in mind next time you do it!

Crossed legs should be banned
You may think you look hot when you cross your legs, especially when wearing a mini skirt, but it turns out that it’s bad for your health. It affects your circulation negatively and may lead to varicose veins.

Say NO to combing wet hair
One of the worst things you can do to your hair is comb it while it’s still wet. It weakens the follicles and makes it prone to breakage. Blow dry it first and then comb it.

Say NO to ponytails as well
Ponytails may look attractive and are the easiest way to style your hair, but they can lead to baldness and hairline recession, so stop doing it too often.

Milk is bad for your skin
If you drink too much milk it may make your skin look oily and greasy, which is something you don’t like.

No makeup when you pluck your eyebrows
You shouldn’t apply makeup right after you pluck your eyebrows, it makes your skin prone to bacteria.

Don’t use compact powder
If your face looks greasy forget about applying compact powder, try getting rid of the excess oil with some blotting paper.

Declutter your bag
Clutter is your worst enemy, but not just in your house, in your bag as well. Get rid of all the unnecessary junk you carry along and stock up on just the essentials.

Layers are for cakes not for your face
Don’t overdo it with the powders, highlights and concealers. Try to look as natural as you can by applying just a thin layer of cream.

Too much juices can lead to premature wrinkles
No, it’s not a joke. It’s actually true, too much fruit juices can make your skin look dull and lead to wrinkles.

Keep your hands to yourself
Don’t touch your face all the time, it can make your skin prone to breakouts and acne.

Don’t rub the eyes

If you rub your eyes all the time it will make your lashes weak and your eyes look tired.

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