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Girl Waves To Cop Every Day But When She Misses A Day, His Gut Tells Him To Go In Her House

You come to appreciate a routine. For Klynn Scales, a break in her morning routine actually helped save her.

Klynn grew up in a home filled with violence and drugs.

But she had a friend, a police officer who would see her every day when he came to her house, she would smile and run to give him a hug. Every morning.

Klynn didn’t even know the kind officer’s name, she just knew he was a friend.

One day, Klynn wasn’t in her normal place, and the cop was immediately concerned.

Sgt. Jeff Colvin didn’t waste any time and walked right into the house.

He found Klynn laying on the floor sick and alone.

Take a look at this video

He rushed her to the hospital, and she got treatment for malnutrition.

The video above was the heartwarming reunion years later between Klynn and her angel in blue.

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