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Emily Hampshire explains how her Demi Lovato interview turned into clickbait

Emily Hampshire plays Rebecca Morgan in the Epix horror drama series Chapelwaite.

Liz Eisenberg

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It was about 20 minutes from the interview Schitt’s Creek Star Emily Hampshire when she declared us a best friend.She was my guest CNET I’m a very obsessed podcast Discuss her new show EpixCalled Chapel weight.. She starred in a series based on Stephen King’s short story, along with Academy Award-winning actor Adrien Brody.

I interviewed many talented actors and artists for I’m So Obsessed, and it was her humor, empathy, and friendliness that made her conversation with Hampshire so high. She was happy to share how great it was to work with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara at Schitt’s Creek. She was vulnerable and shared the awkwardness she felt after writing the Clickbait headline and story based on what the publication discussed during an interview with Demi Lovato.

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Hampshire made me feel like a friend, not just a fanboy. Becoming a good person was a theme that came up several times in a 30-minute chat. She shared that Schitt’s Creek Levy and O’Hara are better than anyone else.

“They are very Canadian and very polite. When someone offers them coffee, they look like” no, no, no. ” And they go get coffee for the whole crew. And next to them, you feel like you’re the one you hate because you don’t get everyone’s coffee, “Hampshire said.

Emily Hampshire says there is a blurry line between the funny and the dramatic.


Next is a chapel weight based on King’s short story, which took place in the 1850s. Lots of Jerusalem.. The Hampshire character Rebecca Morgan has been added to the series as a balance for Brody’s character Captain Boon.

“Basically, this guy, Charles Boon, had to bring the children back to their ancestral homes and be bestowed on them to fight the Darkness Within,” Hampshire said. “Then I knock in under the guise of governor. But in reality I’m a writer who has a story and I have a writer’s block. So I think that’s a lot of information for me. I’m going to enter this house and in the end I can get more information than I negotiated. “

Chapelwaite is a balanced story of horror and drama that allows you to: Watch it on Epix with new episodes coming out every Sunday..

In an interview with Hampshire, we will discuss interior design and her obsession with architect Horace Gifford.She opens about having never seen an episode friend.. And she explains how writer Stephen King has appeared several times in her life. For example, she once dressed as Halloween as “Stevie King,” a hybrid of the writer and Schitt’s Creek character Stevie. She hasn’t been contacted by King yet.

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Emily Hampshire explains how her Demi Lovato interview turned into clickbait Source link Emily Hampshire explains how her Demi Lovato interview turned into clickbait