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Cryptoland fights back | Financial Times

ahhhhhhhhh. Just as I thought I might have escaped by ripping some images from the internet and making a cartoon about a fake cryptocurrency paradise island, some people may actually exist someday. It seems to believe that millions of dollars are wearing some NFTs behind it’ worth the strings and 1s and 0s, the video falls into the hands of malicious people and people are you Mocking and starting to call you a scammer. Before you know it, your video will be viral, Our friendly people here at FT Alpha Building..

The full promotional video has been removed from Cryptoland’s official YouTube channel, but don’t be afraid. You can still see it here.

As you can imagine, the team behind Cryptoland wasn’t very happy with receiving that great (al) video and had problems with some of what we said. I modified the original article to reflect their opposition. For those of you who are interested, here are two fixes we have made: First, Connie is just a cartoon coin that founded Cryptoland (well, it makes perfect sense), no Cryptoland native coins we wrote. Second, when someone asked them on Twitter about the age of consent for Cryptoland, the account replied: 😉 ”The word“ sexual ”has been removed because it was not related to the age of consent.

To be fair, we are willing to give them the benefit of doubt about this, given that they do not speak English as their mother tongue. As this anonymous Twitter account points out, Cryptoland also has boundaries.

Don’t make a mistake, everyone @Cryptolandword of. They are not about pedophilia or promoting other ugly topics. They are simply about good old Ponzi schemes, including fraudulent fantasy land purchases. They may be ambitious criminals. But they have boundaries.

— Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) January 9, 2022

But it seems that we are not the only ones who are angry with the good people of Cryptoland. Check out the email from software engineer Molly White, who first focused on the video. Twitter thread, Sent from the “Legal Department” of Cryptoland.


— Molly White (@ molly0xFFF) January 9, 2022

Now I don’t want to be guilty of defamation, but it’s a bit unusual for the sign-off to have no person or law firm name, or one of the usual bumps we usually do. That is. See the bottom of the statutory letter from a lawyer.But someone on Twitter suggestion Perhaps this wasn’t sent by a real lawyer, and Cryptoland responded with a rather menacing attitude. Less than (Our emphasis):

We are not impersonating anyone.Send a letter Cease and desist It’s a perfectly legal tool for asking people to stop disseminating false information.


We asked Cryptoland about the letter, and they told us they certainly have an internal lawyer. When I asked why I didn’t use my name at sign-off, I was told:

We will continue to support it in the future.

That will solve it.

When asked why the video was removed from the YouTube channel, he said:

Because my friend kindly asked me to do so.


Another issue is that some of the images used in the comics (which was the main reason why the comics that Kyle Chassé literally says in the promotional video were interested in the project) were created by the Cryptoland genius himself. It doesn’t seem to be a thing. One of these digital images was created by a person called Kamila Bianchi. The moving 3D image is what Biachi calls a “seagull rig”. You can see here.

Now we asked Cryptoland about this, and they did not deny the use of images. Instead they said:

Many people have been working on the video, but at this point I can’t remember who was in charge of the sequence. We outsourced the creation of many of those assets and others were purchased. However, a quick search found that anyone could use the rig for free. So there may have been a misunderstanding. We will continue to investigate.

But we also contacted Bianchi and asked her about this. She told us:

My property is free to use for non-commercial purposes. Get in touch on Twitter [for it] It will be removed as it is clearly an ad for their product. They immediately blocked me and I didn’t hear anything from them.

It certainly sounds like a big misunderstanding.

Some of the other images also appear to be ripped from different parts of the internet — the motherboard made a good part of the whole blunder that goes into some of the details. You can read it here.

There is no limit to the dignity, honesty and intellect of Cryptoverse.

Screenshot of FT Alphaville’s Twitter feed on January 13th.

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