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PCs: sales reboot is nearing the end

The truth of the tech industry is being tested by the longevity of a pandemic.For years, personal computers have been revoked as a mature market for terminals. Rejected. As mobile became essential, businesses prioritized smartphone content. However, the unexpected and persistent transition to remote work has triggered a resurgence. The number of PCs shipped reached 341m in 2021. This is nearly 10 years high.

According to Canalys data, global upgrades to home office equipment have increased PC sales by 15% year-on-year. Lenovo, HP and Dell dominate. But Apple, which is less than a tenth of the market, achieved the fastest growth with 28% increase in sales last year. Last year, Apple was the second fastest growing product line for Mac personal computers in terms of sales. amount of sales..

The resurgence of PCs is good for Microsoft, and Windows-enabled PCs are leading the demand. AMD, a chip maker that has steadily increased its market share in the PC chip market, is also benefiting.

But don’t expect the uptrend to change the priority of the tech department. PC sales slowed in the second half of the year. Part of this could be due to a supplier out of stock due to a global chip shortage and supply chain bottlenecks. Demand curtailment may continue until 2022 as component shortages are mitigated.

But even if hybrid work arrangements are tolerated, the resurgence of PCs is not sustainable. Two years is enough for teleworkers to make all the necessary changes. In other words, the pandemic surge will stagnate. Innovations such as foldable screens aren’t bold enough to create a pool of new buyers.

Mobile phone sales remain dominant. Canalys reports that smartphone shipments exceeded 2021 PC sales in the first quarter of last year alone. PCs are not affected by the same wear. They last a long time, so even if you buy them frequently and repeatedly, your sales will not increase. The boom in the pandemic era won’t last that long.

PCs: sales reboot is nearing the end Source link PCs: sales reboot is nearing the end