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Couple Orders From Burger King, Sickened By Nasty Surprise Left In Bag

A hungry couple decided to go to their local Burger King for a bite to eat. Unfortunately, the night would later take a drastic turn as they looked in their bag – and that’s when they were left horrified to see the nasty surprise that a punk employee had left inside of it.

Nancie and Martyce Murphy ran through the drive-thru at Burger King in Naperville, Illinois, just as they had so many times before. Unfortunately for them, things went a bit differently this time around as they noticed something was a bit off when they got home and began to unwrap their meals.

“He sat here at the table, took one bite and then said, ‘Honey, I think you need to look,’”Sure enough, she found a nasty 2-word note scrawled on the inside of her burger wrapper that read, “F*ck you.” Read the full article here ▶