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GIRL Slips Note To Waitress Under Napkin, 10 Minutes Later Cops Show Up

A girl slipped a note to a waitress under a napkin in a small diner. The waitress, Emma, ​​felt something odd was happening but was at a loss for words as she found the handwritten note hidden between the napkins. Her face flushed as she read the girl’s message, and she knew she had to act quickly. The couple could leave at any moment, and she couldn’t let them get away. So, she let the note drop to the floor and rushed to the doors, locking everyone inside.

Emma had noticed the couple’s strange behavior the moment they walked into the dinner. She’d had gut feelings before, but none were quite this strong. The girl’s eyes were covered by large sunglasses, while the man led her to a table in the back. The last thing Emma wanted to do was serve them, stacking two menus on top of each other. She sighed and headed for their table. Read the full story here ▶