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Her sweet husband passed away after being bit by an insect: Now wife wants to warn others after doctors’ mistake

The passing of someone you love is always a hard thing to deal with, especially when it happens randomly. For example, When Crissy Naticchia’s husband got a fever, she was upset, especially because it wasn’t common for him to get sick.

She drove him to the emergency room, hoping she could get some sort of reason for his fever but all the tests came back negative. He got sicker which made Crissy more worried.

“He had been having drenching sweats— so bad he would have to change his clothes and bed sheets,” Crissy said.
“Urgent care tested his urine and diagnosed him with raging kidney infection, and prescribed him antibiotics. The fever and sweats went away but he still felt weak and not well.” Read the full article here ▶