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When The Doctors Told Her Why Her Lip Was Swelling Up She Screamed In Horror

Sherri Maddox never thought her life would flash before her eyes because of a spider. But that’s exactly what happened to this Virginia woman. Maddox was bit on the lip by a venomous spider and soon found herself fighting for dear life as she battled through hallucinations and hospitalization to cope with the venom that was coursing through her body and making her lip swell up to multiple times its original size.

The spider bite occurred while Maddox was in the middle of a kayaking trip. She was taking a course through the Staunton River, which was a ten-hour kayaking trip when the spider bit her. At first, Maddox didn’t even realize that she was bitten by a spider, and she tried to ignore the pain. But as it would turn out, she had a lot to worry about because the spider that bit her lip was a brown recluse spider, which is highly venomous and dangerous. Read the full article here ▶